June 25, 2011

I’m a Happy Girl

Picture 019

What I needed & wanted for so long, I have it now. ♥ ♥ ♥

I’m one lucky gal. :) 

June 20, 2011

Xiang’s House Warming Party

A week plus ago Bii had his house warming party in his new house. He was very excited about it & I can say he is loving his new house every single bit (love more than me but I’m ok with it). lol! He invited his friends, relatives & of course his family. It was fun meeting his family especially his cute little niece, Jai Mei (not sure if I spell correctly).






I didn’t took much picture that day because I was damn exhausted & I look extremely chan. *cries*

Oh yea, I just changed my Twitter background; somehow gotten bored of the old one. I started to compile my camwhore photos & this is the end result. Nice? hehe. :P

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June 14, 2011

Garbage Food?

I stumbled across a very interesting dish recently. Technically it was Mummy who introduced it to me. ^.^ This dish is called garbage food or also known as pig food. Odd name right? That’s what I thought too when I first heard it. It seems is a local Hakka delicacy & the place we Mummy had it was @ Semenyih.
I didn’t had the gut to try it out. You’ll understand it when you see the pictures below. *speechless*

The mixture of dry ingredients.


The green soup (I have no idea what is it made of).


This is how it looks like after you mix these 2 together. @.@

Now you understand why I didn’t dare to try it out? lol! When I asked Mummy how it taste like, she said it taste like vegetables + mint. Hmm…… Interesting… *scratch head* Maybe I will have the courage to try it out next time? hehe. If I do, I will let you guys know how it taste like. *winks*

p.s.- anyone care to join me? :P

June 13, 2011

Thursday Opera

It has been a long time since the last time I step into a club, at least 3 months. However to most people’s eyes I’m still a clubber & I couldn’t bother if people thinks I am anymore; God knows, I know. Anyhow I managed to club with Darling Reiko @ Opera last week (impromptu actually; lol!). Thanks to her I know another new bunch of friends & they are super hilarious. Overall I did enjoyed my night but after taking a pause for so long, I found myself couldn’t keep up with the rest in the club. *big sigh*

Oh yea that day we actually went for the GT Sepang event @ Zouk. We went with the SS car club since they are always so nice to us & it has been a year since the last time we saw them. To be honest, the event was bored to the max & I got to say the Japan GT Queens were quite a disappointment for me. Mainly because the whole event was just to see them & they aren’t that super beautiful as I expected them to be. LOL! That was our main purpose in the beginning; then only we decided to go to Opera. :)

Below are the non-stop camwhore photos of me & Darling after dolling up @ Sunway Pyramid toilet for like an hour. lmao! Everyone kept looking at us in the toilet only especially the cleaning lady. *face blush up*









Too many photos until I need to combine them or not it will be a very long post. :P

I almost forgotten to mention that my Hotmail account got blocked/hacked & I've not been able to access it.*cries* This is the second time it happened to me so I've decided to change to Gmail for good. Sadly though I lost all my contacts. *double cries* If you need to contact me regarding on anything, please do email me at samanthakgss@gmail.com.

Gmail, not hotmail yea. *winks*


June 10, 2011

Life’s Uncertainty

Sorry for abandoning my blog for this long. Sadly I’m not that hyperactive going out as people think I am so nothing much to blog about. I also don’t want to simply blog just for the sake of blogging as well because I don’t want bored you guys with boring stuffs. lol! So what’s happening lately?

For starters, I got my result back & I can only say it was shocking; not gonna elaborate on it anymore. Actually my memory lately is getting worst as I’m having hard time recalling what I did lately. *smack forehead* Managed to attend few events, one of them was the Truly a Shopper @ Farenheit which I feel I got cheated by. *big sigh* Nonetheless that day I did won a lucky draw which was food vouchers worth RM150.

 iPhone 1

Then after attending Zeon’s brother wedding dinner in Penang, I went down to Alor Star which is Bii hometown. My first time meeting his Mummy who is very nice & cook the most absolutely mouth-watering dishes that are super hard to resist. *drools* Actually it was my first time being in Alor Star as well. Thank you so much Bii for showing me around & pampered me with lots of delicious food. *muacks* Though I don’t travel much in my life so far but I’m glad I managed to travel during this semester break. *bigwidesmile*

Beside that, went for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards live screening @ TGV Sunway Pyramid with Bii. First time I watched an award show in the cinema & it wasn’t bad I got to say as media/bloggers were located at the couple seats. hehe. Each of us were given 2 TGV passes to watch any movies in any TGV cinemas too. In addition, I was lucky enough to win the lucky draw they hosted so I received another 4 more extra TGV passes. *bigbigbigwidesmile* If you’re wondering who I’m bringing, that would be Daddy, Mummy & Bf in 3 separate trips. *winks*

iPhone 2

Most important thing happened was when we celebrate our 100th day together. *hearts* Though the day ended not so good but I’m glad we managed to work it out. Despite we still quarrel from time to time & it does hurt I don’t lie, but is another way for us to know each other better. Meeting & knowing your family was an intimidating + joyful moment I guess. haha… Though my contribution is small in helping out with your new house (which I’m hype up for you), but I’m happy to be a part of it and be a part of your life. ♥ ♥ ♥


June 2, 2011

Frustration Towards Myself

Picture 016

So often we dwell on the things that seem impossible rather than on the things that are possible. So often we are depressed by the same problem.

Am I the problem?

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