April 8, 2013

IACT College | Specialist in Creative Communication

They say that your university life will be the best years of your life and I find that to be very true indeed. I remember the moments when I started my pre-U, followed by my degree in honors. In fact, I still can remember how stressful I was in choosing my tertiary education because the decision was all on me and I had to bear the consequences of my actions. In a way I’m lucky that my parents give me the freedom to pursue in anything I want; after all its my life and not theirs. So I know how important it is to choose the right university because it’s a whole new different chapter in one’s life.

Recently I've been to IACT College located in Jaya One for a workshop and a tour around the campus. Frankly speaking I felt kinda ‘old’ when I saw the fresh SPM graduates because I used to be in their shoes about 5 years ago. *pulls face* Yes, I felt OLD indeed. *sigh* Oh wells, I can't reverse time. Talking about the workshop held in IACT College, I had a fun time in creating a digital icon of myself. FYI, the icon I created does not resemble me at all. LOL. My so-called-creativeness just took control of my hands and it started to move on its own. *chuckles*

It was a bad hair day for me. =/
 Combine 2

With Fish, Simon, Joel and Shannon in the workshop.

Here is my ‘masterpiece’ which I completed in less than 5 minutes. hehe. So what do you think? Don't look like me right. ^^”
Icon Selection

Once the workshop has ended, the five of us were brought around to check out IACT College campus facilities.

Student lobby.

Green room.

Did I mention that I love their studio? teehee.
Combine 1

Since we had time to spare, we had a short impromptu photo shoot in the studio. I got to say the lightning made us look real gooodddd… ;)
Combine 2

Even Joel couldn't get enough of it. haha.

Students’ artwork.

One of my favorite photos; it may look gruesome to most of you but I find it cute?

Overlapping artworks.

Control & recording studio



Now I know how it feels like to record a song though its fake. LOL.

There was no name for this room but I took the initiative to call it the Gadget room. *giggles*

A book island located inside the library; I feel like spending a day in there reading my favorite books.


Once the campus tour was done, we ended our day with a simple yet delicious lunch at the main lobby. :)
IACT 2   

So back to the topic, the main purpose I was invited to IACT was to share with everyone of you about a new program by IACT. This program is called IACT College’s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Advertising and Design 3+0. IACT College and The University of Sunderland have signed an agreement that allows all Malaysian students to pursue a Honors Degree in Advertising & Design to be conducted completely at IACT College. So for those who would like to complete their degree locally due to budget issue, this will be a good choice for you. I mean lets face it that not everyone is rich enough to study overseas unless under scholarship.

For the full details, please click on this banner.

More information about IACT College can be found here:-
IACT College
2-G, Block K,
Jaya One,
Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7956 0211
Fax: 603-7955 8909
Email: enquiries@iact.edu.my
Website: www.iact.edu.my
Facebook: fb.com/IACTCollege
Twitter: twitter.com/IACTCollege
Youtube: youtube.com/IACTChannel


On another note, IACT College is giving away cash prizes giving away CASH PRIZES for you to figure out which Malaysian television commercials is our fan's top favorites. All you need to do is to vote for your choice of advertisements from the 9 choices available (up to 3 votes maximum) and write down the reasons for your chosen choice. The best answer for each commercial will walk away with RM55 in cash! The closing date for this contest is on 30th April 2013, at 6pm sharp. Better get moving, less than one month left to vote!

Follow these 4 simple steps to join:-
  1. Like IACT College Facebook page to show your support for Malaysian advertisement.
  2. Click HERE, vote for your favorite local TVC and share with us why it is your favorite.
  3. Share your pick to the world by posting it on your wall and encouraging others to vote for it too.
  4. The best reasons given for each TVC will be judged by the advertising industry experts and will grab RM55 each!


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