September 22, 2012

Fashion Forward | Pixie Stardust





Outfit of the day:
In House Fashion Daisha High Neck Top
Oh Popsicles Starburst Leggings
Kiss & Tell Ashleigh Pumps

Sorry for the lack of updates recently; I’ve just started my new semester not too long ago so that pretty much explains it. At the moment I’m having class from Monday to Friday except for Wednesday. However I promise I’ll try my very best to update my blog especially on my fashion posts aite. *winks winks*

On to a new topic, how do you find my stardust outfit? Almost every person who saw my leggings, they asked me where I got it & I answer, “Oh Popsicles”. *giggles* It certainly grabs people attention wherever I go so it’s a good news for girls who love the limelight. teehee! Also it is very body leg hugging, it fits me like a glove! Since the bottom was so outstanding by itself, I paired it up with a simple black high neck top from In House Fashion. FYI, this is my current favorite top because it makes my upper body appears longer & it’s just so classy! *loves*



On the other note, I just dyed my hair! *big wide smile* Can you guess what color is it? hehe. I dyed it in red purple! I have been wanting to color my hair purple since previously my hair color was brown pink. In fact, I’ve always love the color purple, beside turquoise. Initially I wanted to go for the black purple (this color is really gorgeous in real life) but the hairstylist told me that I had to bleach my hair in order to achieve that color. Once I heard the word “bleach”, immediately I said no & went on with my second choice which is this shade of red purple. Guess what? I’m so madly in love with my hair now! *sends flying kiss*

What do you think of my new look? :3

p.s. – the hair perm was only temporary. lol.


c0co said...

i like <3

nicccchang said...

Always love your fashion sense babe! pretty!

Fer Haru said...

Love your leggings! So sparkling~

JULES said...

aww! love the galaxy pants :)) <3

Samantha Kong said...

Coco - Thanks gorgeous. ♥

Nicole - I like yours as well too babe. :D

Haru - Thank you. :)

Jules - I love it too!

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