May 10, 2012

ACE YOUTH / TGF : Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event

I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. Though I was not brought up in a perfect family but nonetheless I still have 2 parents & an older sister. I am lucky as well to be born without any physical nor mental deformity. Just with these facts alone, I have a lot to be thankful of. Thus it is always a great joy for myself to be able to help out those who are unfortunate. To be able to see a smile on their faces, there isn’t a greater feeling than that. :)

I would like to invite everyone to join me in this magnificent meaningful global Guinness world of record, along with their kind hearted & caring ambassadors. FYI, there are 7 countries taking part in this event which are Malaysia, New Zealand, Captown, Edinburgh, Katmandu, London & Manipal. At the same time they are aiming to break the world greatest charity record! Most importantly, all donation funds will be given to Handicapped and Disabled Children's Association of Klang Selangor & Agathians Shelter, PJ.

Grab your chance to meet Leng Yein in person! *winks*

In addition, this event is also called BollyforCharity, which is a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the largest multi-site Bollywood dance event to be held! In order to do so, they are trying to break the current record which is close to 4,500 people! I would suggest you to get familiarize with the dance moves in this Youtube video. So much fun right! Also it is choreograph by world renower famous Bollywood choreographer, Jay Kumar. *shake your bootie* :P


Please join me! *big wide smile*
Venue : Sri Aman School PJ School Field
Time : 7.00 PM - 11.30 PM
Date : 12 May 2012

This is an OPEN EVENT; hence everyone is more than welcome to come. There are 5 reasons as it to why this event will be historical. Firstly it is a global world record breaking event with 7 countries taking part at the same time. It is a charity & community event as all the donation will be given to the disabled community. Also it reflects the true spirit & unity of being a Malaysian with participation from Indian , Chinese & Malay organizations. Not forgetting uphold ASIAN Heritage & Culture with Bollywood JAI HO dance. Lastly, an astounding list of celebrities, leaders, public figure, ambassador & models who are more than willing to take a time off from their busy schedule to give back to the community.

Help us in keeping a smile on their faces. :)

Ring me a bell if you’re going aite. Hope to see you guys tomorrow! xoxo


YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Nice! You going babe? Good to hear you're involved in many kinds of charity event too :D

Yukiko Tan said...

Sounds cool! But I do have a Mother's day dinner to attend to=(

Do have fun tho!

nicccchang said...

Aww. too bad it's too far away. Im at ipoh. :-(

Stella Matilda said...

this is a very good event :) support support xoxo

reiko wong said...

woo... nt available on that day

Jessy said...

hows the event babe?

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