April 1, 2012

Zouk Club KL's 8th Anniversary Party

If you are a party goer, Zouk definitely is in your list of the most happening club in KL. I dare to say Zouk Club KL is THE club to beat in town. So many clubs have opened up & closed down every year but Zouk still standing very strong on its own. Thus is not a surprise they are still so famous & celebrating their 8th year anniversary! Can you tell me which other clubs have celebrated that many anniversary or even half of it. *giggles* They've invented a great concept by having 4 different rooms where each room has a distinctive theme to suit each crowd. As for me, my favorite rooms are Phuture & Vevlet; love their R&B, hip hop songs. *winks*

Together with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers, we celebrated Zouk’s 8th anniversary in style; starting of the night with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve & later on followed by Moet champagne! Whoot whoot!

Let the party begin! Dancing & drinking whole night long! *cheers*

Jason Chan, a.k.a Walauwei with his Cuban cigar. #likeaboss

My party babes! Valeria & Sarah; pink, red, purple!


It’s getting misty in Velvet!

Maybe the misty effect making me a bit too high. :PSAM_4679

Ooopppssssss! I have no idea what was going on in here. *hides face*

Sister Pauline!

Josiah, I had a hard time pronouncing his name. ^.^”

My favorite photo of the night, with Fay Hokulani! Both us just sat down on the couch & chit chat because we were so tired after the Topshop event. lol!

Guess what? Finally I managed to club with Irwan, Shinyee & the rest; my fellow BPsych unimates. :)


Daniel, another hardcore clubber. hehe.

Thanks to Tim for these fabulous photos! With Micheal & my lolipop. lol!

A cup of Gold Label with The Man. *winks*

When there's cause for celebration make sure you go GOLD!

This night only reconfirms what I knew all along, Zouk Club KL is the BEST! Though I have been to many different clubs before, Zouk is still one of my top favorite clubs of all time. Best part Zouk is relatively quite near my place, about 10-15minutes drive. hehe! Thank you Zouk for the great party, you guys sure know how to throw a party. Keep the party rolling on! *big wide smile*

113, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: +603 2171 1997
Fax: +603 2171 1998
Email: info@zoukclub.com.my
Website: www.zoukclub.com.my


jamsoon said...

i wan!!!!

Samantha Kong said...

Come let's go! ;)

jamsoon said...

i wan^^
next year i m coming!!

Samantha Kong said...

I'm looking forward for next year too! haha!

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