December 27, 2011

Moet & Chandon Christmas Party @ Vertigo

One thing good about year end is that lots of parties keep popping everywhere! I mean that’s what year end is all about right; celebrating a great year end while anticipating another new great year ahead. I managed to attend Moet & Chandon’s Christmas party @ Vertigo last week; courtesy of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers. :)

Believe it or not the lipstick I wore in this picture is given to me by Daddy. :P

Tim, man of MHB & his date of the night, Pearl.

With Pearl, I love her eye make up! *envy*

Cheers to Moet!

With another fellow MHB, Wan Ting; nice meeting you babe!

Not forgetting MHB Vivian Khoo. *winks* Can't recall the last time we went to Mist on Lolipop night but we literally had an epic night after Moet party. lol!

One thing different from the first Moet party I went to was that each guest was given a Moet champagne bottle pendant bracelet. The pendant is so cute but… I LOST IT! FML… I realize I dropped it at Mist club during another afterward party. T______T


Why I wore black that night?... :(

I met a bunch of new friends during the party! *big wide smile*
Pearl, Wan Ting, Vivian, Ellen & Nicole.

Balloons! Please excuse my redness, drank too much Moet that night. XD

One thing for sure, Moet is still my favorite champagne! *cheers to Moet*
Can’t wait for more parties to come! :D

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